Professional Male Voice Talent

Professional Male Voice Talent

Are you searching for a quality voice?

Sometimes finding the right voice actor is akin to the old needle and haystack routine. These days there seems to be an endless number of voice over artists available to work in radio and TV ads, internet videos, telephone-messaging, and corporate presentations.

It appears every man and his dog has a laptop and a microphone set-up at home in the spare bedroom. Of course, such a set-up can be adequate for recording a podcast or a demo, at least until the neighbor’s lawnmower roars into life.

So when you are looking broadcast quality recording featuring Professional Male Voice Talent head directly to the business audio specialist, Media Group.


Don’t pussy-foot around in amateur land

At the Media Group website, you’ll be able to audition scores or professional voice artists. You will hear sample recordings of experienced male and female English speaking talent from countries including Australia New Zealand, the U.K., and the USA.

You’ll also hear samples of voice artists who record in languages other than English. These include, but are not limited to China, Germany, Spain, France, Japan and Rep. of Korea.

Rest assured Media Group will draw on their vast resources including affiliations with agents and studios across the world to source the Professional Male Voice Talent you require.

When you think you have identified the right voice over artist Media Group will provide an online free quote so you can be confident of meeting any budget constraints. And if you have a concern with the production schedule Media Group can advise also you of the availability of your preferred voice artist.


Confirm your decision and request a free demo recording

Even after reviewing all the online samples you may still have lingering doubts about the voice artist you have chosen. You need to be 100% certain so you should ask Media Group to have your preferred voice talent make a demo recording.

This demo offer is made free of charge with one condition. You must be planning to record a script or number of scripts that total 60 seconds or more in length.

You will need to forward a copy of your script. Media Group will have your preferred voice talent record an extract from the script. When completed you will be sent a link to go online to hear the finished demo. Simple. 

Selecting the right voice doesn’t get any easier. Start here 

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