Professional Voice Over Artist

Professional Voice Over Artist

Like golfers, all voices are not created equally

You often hear people remark that he or she “has a great voice for reading ads”. And yes, some people are born with the gift of a beautiful, resonant speaking voice.

However, there is far more to being a Professional Voice Over Artist than first meets the ear! Think of it like golf.

Around the world, there are millions of golfers out every week whacking a poor little dimpled white orb around the regulation 18-hole course. Some do it more efficiently than others.

Some golfers are sufficiently proficient to win their local club championship. But only a rare few manage to enter the professional ranks. When they do their names become familiar around the world; names like Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Karrie Webb, Gary Player, and Phil Mickelson.


It takes training, practice and luck.

Just like the golf professionals, it’s a giant leap to go from having a pleasant sounding voice to achieving the status of the Professional Voice Over Artist.

As the former world number one golfer, South African Gary Play once said, “the harder I practice the luckier I get”.

To make it in the voice business, aspiring talent need to take their raw God-given ability and hone it on the whetstone of a demanding training regime. Naturally, they must be highly capable readers and need to study acting and microphone technique, annunciation, pronunciation, diction, breath control, voice projection, and delivery.


Voice over jobs don’t just fall from the sky.

In addition to training, voice artists need to be able to market their abilities if they are going to secure enough work to pay the bills. They may elect to take care of their own marketing or choose to appoint an agent.

One of the leading companies representing professional male and female voice actors is Media Group. From the company’s Australian headquarters and studio complex located on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Media Group provides an exceptional range of voices of all ages and styles.

Clients looking for a particular voice usually begin by auditioning samples on the Media Group website. Having made a choice of voice or voices they can easily obtain free quotes and arrange a recording schedule to suit.

You’ll find everything at the website

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