Reliable Music Streaming Services for Business

Reliable Music Streaming Services for Business

Top quality music to boost a bottom line

The mood-altering power of music has long been recognised as an impetus to productivity and in loosening shoppers’ purse strings. Or to put it bluntly having music playing at your place will impact profits.

The problem used to be finding Reliable Music Streaming Services For Business. However Media Group now provide a perfect, cost effective streaming service that works to create a unique and positive environment at your place of business.

In Store Music from Media Group puts you in control. Now you decide what will be heard inside your store. No more will you have ads from competitors blasting out of the radio or “leaking” in from the shopping mall’s background audio program.

No more will you be legally bound to pay ever increasing annual fees to collection agencies like APRA/AMCOS. In Store Music tracks originate from the Media Group library of Royalty Free Music.

It’s a huge library and covers all genres of music so you will never be stuck for choice.


You can play DJ

You know what’s best for your store. Most business operators have a good appreciation of their customer profile and so a fair idea of their music preferences.

In liaison with the music experts at Media Group you’ll be able to specify the tracks that will be streaming into your place.

You won’t have to worry about risqué lyrics or offensive language ruining the mood because with In Store Music from Media Group that stuff just can’t happen.


Be your own radio station

Along with the persuasive power of Reliable Music Streaming Services For Business, In Store Music allows you to include specific promo messages.

These messages will be written for you according to your brief. Once you approve the wording the messages will be recorded by professional Voice Over artists at the Media Group studios.

The messages will be of “broadcast quality” and sound just like the commercials on FM radio. The difference, of course, is there will be no competitors’ messages. You also get to determine which messages are played and how often they appear.

You can update the messages at any time to stay abreast of the seasons or to add a special POS boost to your current sales promotions.

Get the music streaming now. Go to

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