Rode K2 Microphone

Rode K2 Microphone

The Rode K2 is our current microphone of choice here at Media Group. The K2 gives an incredibly warm, rich sound to any voiceover as it faithfully captures the lower end frequencies of the talent’s voice. While making the voice sound as warm as apple pie, the Rode K2 still provides great clarity however you will find a pop filter is definitely needed when recording with this mic.

We have also found the mic performs well under a number of different scenarios. Whether it’s a voice talent who likes to project with a fair bit of volume, absolutely pushing the limits of the mic, or at other end of the spectrum, having to really crank up the gain for a quieter spoken talent, the Rode K2 is a great all-rounder.

The K2 has been designed and manufactured right here in our backyard. The team at Rode Australia have done a fantastic job modelling the K2 deliberately engineering it to be reminiscent of the high-end classic studio mics from the 1950’s.

Rode can be proud of this microphone. We have found it to be a perfect vocal mic and would recommend it as a good investment for any home or professional recording studio.

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