Royalty Free Music Definition

Royalty Free Music Definition

No free lunches

Copyright laws are strictly enforced throughout the world. Here in Australia it seems more breaches are prosecuted every year.

Either detection techniques are becoming more effective, or public respect for intellectual property rights have sadly diminished. Probably a combination of both.

A fine example is the walking, talking sandwich-board of a man, Clive Palmer. He has to pay the band “Twisted Sister” $1.5 million for ripping off their song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” then re-writing the lyrics to use in a 2019 political campaign.

Seems Clive’s dependence on Chinese mineral royalties has blinded him to the entitlements of other property owners. Perhaps it’s him operating under his own Royalty Free Music Definition.


You gotsta pay to play

Clive’s minders offered $25,000 for the publishing rights. The band declined.  Clive overlooked that minor detail. A figure that size could easily be confused with the bill for the Board Member’s breakfast.

Then in true “Clive style” the Palmer electoral fiasco foist its yellowing shadow across our TV screens accompanied by the hacked “Twisted Sister” tune.

It’s pretty outrageous even for the Palmer Party. One can only assume some lucky mining shareholders will cover the bill. They might be entitled to an explanation about what constitutes Clive’s very liberal Royalty Free Music Definition.


Bend over and take it

Without getting too high and mighty I’m glad someone has held these “pollies” to account for putting the boot into copyright law.

We should be outraged by 1) their pirating of those wonderful melodies and 2) the abuse delivered upon the great memories those songs evoke.

Perhaps I should be addressing the root cause of this prolific plague of political-pop plagiarism. I refer of course to that Ad Agency bred, sloth-paced, tobacco-fuming, latte-lapping Copywriters.

It’s always cute writing content about a Copywriter meddling with Copyright.


The issue remains Royalty Free

So many promotional campaigns are built around a music theme. It could be an original composition (Hooray!).

But most often the easy way prevails and an established piece of commercial music gets “lifted”. Lock, stock “n slogan.

That’s when the Royalty business goes into full swing. You negotiate in a place where money talks and everything else walks. That’s show biz.

Obviously, there will always be a premium price on “hits”. Even golden oldies demand fees that could make any producer weep.

Enter the alternative. From Media Group, the business audio specialists comes to an entire Royalty Free Music library.

A vast range of music tracks representing all genres to suit all your communication and media requirements.

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