Telephone On Hold Music

Telephone On Hold Music

Music can soothe a caller on hold

To most of us, the thought of being placed on hold can bring frightening memories of mind-numbing computer “muzak” and those brain-rattling chimes. You know the ones that arrive built-in with some telephone systems.

In days gone by you could simply plug in a radio or CD player to rid your telephone of the problem. Then when you put a caller on hold they would be pacified, listening to music and awaiting your return.

However, these days if you use an iPad, radio or CD for your Telephone On Hold Music you need to pay annual fees to APRA or PPCM or you are breaking the law.

But fear no more. Today you can keep callers calm, waiting on the linelistening to Royalty Free Musicand informative On Hold programs produced by Media Group, the business audio specialists.


A wide choice of Royalty Free Music

The Media Group library of Royalty Free Music includes tracks from all the most common musical genres. Your Telephone On Hold Music can be chosen from catalogues of tracks covering Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country the Classics and more.

When you have Media Group supply your On Hold program of music and messages you have access to the Royalty Free Musiclibrary.The experts from Media Group will assist you in selecting the right tracks to appeal to your customer profile.


The right messages to accompany your On Hold music

The goal of an On Hold program is to keep callers happy on the line and to reduce the temptation for them to hang up the phone.

Media Group has a team of experienced writers who will craft short informative messages in accordance with your instructions. The messages will hold your callers’ interest with information about your products and services.

You will also get to select the most suitable voice artist to record the messages. Media Group has a stable of professional male and female voice talent. You can audition these voices online and choose the best to have your messages read in the style that will present the image you want for your business.


Choose a package of music and messages

The sooner you have an On Hold program that will keep callers happy to stay on the line, the sooner you’ll be happy with the improvement in your bottom line!

Make the choice today. Head to

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