Tips For Better Voice Over Recording

Tips For Better Voice Over Recording

Pop-free, compressed and equalised

The heading above could describe an un-sponsored, crowded, democratic rally! However, it actually refers to some of the desired attributes we look for in quality voice recordings.

If you want to improve the audio standard in your projects and you could use some Tips For Better Voice Over Recording ask Media Group. After all they are the business audio specialists.

Alternatively cut straight to the chase, avoid all the wasted time trying to improve your own recording techniques and have Media Group provide the voices you need.

You might require a “raw” voice or fully mixed recordings with music and sound effects. Whether for broadcast advertising, to upload to the internet or audio for in-house video productions Media Group have just what you need.

Let’s say you need a voice for a new Explainer Video. You will be on a budget, for sure, but you’ll be surprised how affordable it is to have Media Group provide all your audio requirements.

You’ll also appreciate the extra production values your project takes on when you have a professional voice artist read the script.


Everything happens on line

Begin at the website by auditioning the multitude of professional voice actors available through Media Group.

You’ll hear samples of their previous work to help you narrow the choice. To facilitate your search, all talent has been classified by gender, age-group, style and country/accent.

When you have chosen a favourite or two, get an online free quote. Simply click on the button at the top of the web page and follow the prompts.

We all know to choose the right voice can be challenging plus it’s never easy to get a consensus. So Media Group will go one step further for you and arrange your preferred voice to record a “free demo”.

The demo will feature your chosen voice artist reading an extract from your actual script. You’ll be sent a link to go online and hear the finished demo. Listen to it a few times. Discuss it with colleagues but above all be satisfied you have chosen wisely.

Of all the Tips For Better Voice Over Recording, you really need only this one. Simply head to

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