TV Commercial Voice Overs

TV Commercial Voice Overs

Give your TV spots a vocal make over

All viewers react to images on the TV screen, but importantly they also respond to the sound. So your TV Commercial Voice Overs need to be spot on.

Whether it’s a male or female voice artist reading the script, the tone and character of the voice need to match and enhance the vision. Along with the music selection, choosing the right voice is critical in complementing the images on the screen.

People talk about “the feel” of a commercial. It’s a loose description and hard to define in real terms. But you’ll know intrinsically when a voice just doesn’t have it. However, the solution is only a mouse-click away.


In search of the right voice choice

Media Group, the business audio specialists, have made the process of auditioning and choosing TV Commercial Voice Overs more convenient than it’s ever been.

Everything happens online. No time wasted running around to various studios or theatrical agencies. You never have to leave the office.

On the Media Group website, you can audition a wide range of experienced, professional male and female voice artists. You’ll hear samples of them reading scripts from various categories so you can quickly make an assessment of their suitability for your project.


Send a request for a free quote

When you have identified an artist or artists you believe will be right for the job simply click the button at the top of the page labelled “free online quote”.

Follow the prompts and fill in the few details about the project and Media Group will respond with an accurate quote.

There may be times when you want to go one step further and have your chosen voice artist record a free demo. The only provision to this added service is that you must be planning to record a script or scripts of at least 60 seconds duration.

For the free demo, Media Group will arrange to record your preferred voice artist reading an extract from your actual script. You will be sent a link to go online and replay the demo.

Get the best voice choice for all your projects. Get with the audio specialists;

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