UK Voiceover

UK Voiceover

Variety in voice overs all the world over!

Today Media Group work in Voice Over Recording across Europe, North America and throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. They have also partnered with some of the most prolific UK Voice Artists.

When you need a UK Voiceover for TV, radio, a corporate film, internet video or telephone recording, Media Group has the voice talent you require. If that particular voice isn’t already on the books they can use their extensive resources to locate the UK Voiceover you have in mind.

UK Voice Artists in the Media Group stable include professional male and female talent of all ages including children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Perhaps you’re looking for a Voice Over Recording featuring a specific character, regional accent or style of delivery. If your script calls for the hard sell or soft sell Media Group have the UK Voiceover to suit.

Choosing the best UK Voiceover for your Voice Over Recording is easy too with samples available online at the Media Group website. To listen to samples simply go online and preview the tracks that have been uploaded. The individual samples have been divided into files for radio, TV, Corporate, and Internet.

After you have heard the samples of UK Voice Artists you can choose a favorite or perhaps a shortlist. Then you can request a Free Quote from Media Group. Simply forward a copy of the script or scripts you wish to use for your Voice Over Recording and Media Group will email an accurate quote.

If you are planning to record a script or a number of scripts with a minimum 60 seconds duration you may be able to arrange a Free Demo to be recorded by your preferred Voice Over Artists.

To receive a Free Demo, Media Group will liaise with your chosen UK Voice Artists to record a short segment from your script. Then they will forward a link so you can go online and hear the Free Demo. It’s a foolproof way to make sure the UK Voiceover you have chosen will be perfect for the job.

To begin selecting your UK Voice Artists go to

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