Voice Over Talent Australia

Voice Over Talent Australia

Say it proper

My Grandma, affectionately known as “Wo”, taught music and elocution. These days I often ponder over the number of Voice Over Talent Australia wide whose careers benefited from her skills.

She’d finished giving piano lessons by the time I was 10. In fact, my big brother was her last pupil. However granny still put me through the rigours of elocution.

The dictionary defines elocution as “the skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation”.

If you are part of the pool of Voice Over Talent Australia wide or plying your trade as an actor then, you will appreciate the value of such a skill.


Enunciate enunciate

While I might not have had the success my big brother achieved in eisteddfod competitions, I am forever grateful to “Wo” for inadvertently preparing me for work as an occasional voice-over dude.

I nostalgically recall one exercise designed to improve my diction that required my then 10-year-old brain to say

          “Betsy Botter bought some butter, but she found the butter bitter. So she bought some better butter to make her bitter butter better. But, the bitter butter       made her better butter bitter.”

I’m sure you’ll have as much fun with this little ditty as I do!


Seeking your voice

Being able to pronounce words properly is a start. Obviously, it takes a whole load of other skills to get by in the world of voice acting. Not the least of those abilities comes under the heading of your business nous.

On the other side of the coin, when you need to hire accomplished voice talent the first click you make should take to Media Group, the business audio specialists.

You’ll find the voice you’re looking for? It all happens online. You don’t have to go anywhere. Start by listening to real sample recordings of the available voice talent.

When you hear a voice that might be right for your project get a free online quote. If you’re still not 100% sure of your choice ask Media Group to arrange a “free demo”.

Whether you need a male or female professional voice over artist your search will be easy because the various talent are classified by gender, age group, nationality, and style.

Find out now. www.mediagroup.com.au

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