Voiceovers for Company Videos

Voiceovers for Company Videos

How to improve your company videos by a squillion per cent!

Companies making training videos for staff inductions or OHS, often skimp on the audio. The pictures may look great, but the voice? The word “stinks” might be too kind even if the MD was the one who recorded the script.

Instead of using someone from the front office, hire a professional voice over artist to read your script. You’ll be surprised how little cost is involved, but the results will be instantly beneficial.

Using a professional voice will add impact to the script. It will lift the production values of the video and reinforce the importance of the message.

The audience will appreciate the extra clarity in the reading and be more likely to remember the salient points.

Above all, having a professional voice artist on your video will enhance the company’s image as an organisation where quality is important and short-cuts are never tolerated.

As business audio specialists Media Group offers an extensive selection of male and female professional voice artists. To help you make a choice you can hear samples of their work on line; click here.

Media Group can also arrange a “free demo” of your chosen voice talent reading an extract of your script. Chat with our team today about getting a professional voice artist  for your next video. Call 1800 086 183

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