World’s First And Most-trusted Voice Over Marketplace

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World’s First And Most-trusted Voice Over Marketplace

Sorting sheep from goats

The advertising world has an insatiable appetite for voice over artists. The industry seems to turnover more and more new voices with every season.

However advertisers and advertising producers need to be aware that among the plethora of highly talented and experienced voice actors there are just as many untalented and inexperienced pretenders.

When you have to find a particular voice with a unique sound or style you need to ask someone you can be sure is able to provide the solution.

Your only destination should be Media Group widely regarded as the World’s First And Most-trusted Voice Over Marketplace.


A wider choice in voices

As business audio specialists Media Group has access to a host of vastly experienced male and female professional voice over artists.

Choose from traditional announcer-style voices, comedic voices and dramatic voice actors at the World’s First And Most-trusted Voice Over Marketplace, Media Group.


Instant auditions

It all happens online. At the Media Group website, you can make your decision after hearing sample recordings done by each of the voice over artists from Media Group.

To accelerate and facilitate your search all Media Group voice samples are classified by gender, age group, style, and country.

You’ll also see a short description of each voice sample to further assist your search. For example, it might summarise the voice as “Vibrant, upbeat, retail” or “Mature, corporate and warm”.


Online free quotes

When you think you’ve isolated the right voice or voices for your project ask for a free quote. Again this all happens online. Just click on the button you’ll see at the top of the Media Group web page.

Assuming the quote meets your budget and your chosen voice talent is available to meet your deadline you can get on with recording.

If you or your producer can’t make it to the Media Group Studios on the Gold Coast you can elect to have the recording done “remotely” using a 3-way telephone hook-up between you, the voice talent and the recording studio.  

If it’s more convenient for you, Media Group will provide an experienced studio engineer/producer to direct the talent according to your brief.

Finally, if all is in order and payment has been organised you will be sent a link to go online and download the finished recording. How good is that?

Time to get active so hop onto

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