Business Phone Greeting

Business Phone Greeting

You are as you sound

Have you ever wondered how your business sounds? I am not talking about the company’s registered name. How it rolls off the tongue and lands on an ear.

I am also not talking about your new radio jingle or the speech you made at last month’s convention.

What then of your Business Phone Greeting?

When someone telephones, what is the very first thing they hear? Ideally, it should be a fine voice and a short welcome. A greeting that oozes friendliness and reinforces the impression that yours is a well-run organisation.

Even if you are a firm of one. The blessed sole trader. You need to present yourself to the marketplace as part of a successful, progressive enterprise.

It’s possible to achieve this impression in just a few seconds. You will need a well-crafted script that has been properly recorded in a professional studio and read by an experienced voice artist.


Avoid the DIY temptation

Your Business Phone Greeting is not the place for experimenting. I don’t care how much you like the sound of your voice. And you’d be one of the few people in the world who think they have a good voice.

Avoid the temptation to go down the “Do It Yourself” route. It’s often a formula for disaster.


Engage some expertise

When you are reviewing your telephone communications there’s expert assistance available from the recognised business audio specialists Media Group AU.

Start at the beginning, usually a good place to begin! Get your initial greeting organised then look at all the other telephone messages you can improve.

You might need an After Hours Message or various Phone Bank recordings. Then there is the all-important program of On Hold Music and Messages.

A well-produced On Hold program is a vital element in reducing the number of callers who hang-up and take their custom elsewhere.


Start now

Call it a new beginning. Make a commitment to upgrade. Start now by presenting your business with the most professional telephone messages and presentations. Get it happening now

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