Voicemail Greetings & Phone Message Templates

Voicemail Greetings & Phone Message Templates

Get your telephone messages up and running

Never in the history of business have we had access to so much communications power at our fingertips.

In fact, it’s a fair bet that backs in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell applied to patent the telephone he had no idea what sort of a Pandora’s box he was letting loose on an unsuspecting world.

Over its first century, the function of the telephone remained fairly basic. Had Mr. Bell stepped out of Dr. Who’s Targus in 1976 he would have recognized every feature.

Even though the first fax machines were developed in the 19th century, businesses did not popularise the technology until the late 1980s. And then wham! The phone went mobile and the floodgates opened.


Imagine working without your phone

Today the telephone is as essential to business as air to a balloon. Without it, everything goes flat. However when employed carelessly the telephone can do a lot of damage. Forget “swipe left, swipe right”!! Problems regularly arise in business due to poor Voicemail Greetings & Phone Message Templates.

Too often we encounter Voicemail recordings that are so curt and ill-thought-out they are tantamount to phone abuse!

This can also apply to some On Hold programs or After Hours’ messages. It happens often as an accident because too little care is taken in preparing the wording and having a seasoned voice artist record the messages.


Never be afraid to follow what the experts suggest

When you are assembling your company’s telephone audio start by listening to Voicemail Greetings & Phone Message Templates on the Media Group website.

Media Group is business audio specialists so you won’t go wrong taking notice of how the experts do it. In the words of the Harvard Lecturer and satirist Tom Lehrer, “Plagiarize, plagiarize let no one else’s work evade your eyes.”

At the Media Group website, you can choose to listen to telephone messages written by experienced copywriters and recorded by a line-up of professional male and female voice artists

Alternatively, you can have Media Group create your company’s Voicemail and Telephone messages in accordance with your instructions.


Get started with a free demo

At the top of the Media Group home page click on “Free on hold demo”. You will soon be up and running with all the audio you need. Go to www.mediagroup.com.au

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