Hold Messaging

Hold Messaging


On hold, messages are a great opportunity to not just entertain your callers with some music but also an opportunity to educate them or make an extra sale. You can utilize your on-hold messages in a variety of ways to get engagement from your callers. 

What goes into creating the perfect On-Hold Messages? 

The two basic ingredients of perfect on-hold messages are the right script and the right voice blended with a lot of creativity!  

Tips to create enticing on-hold messages: 

Here are some amazing tips that will help you develop an enticing on-hold messaging script for your callers: 

  • Directly Speak to your audience: Your on-hold message script should be such that it should directly interact with your audience. For this, you can either create a generalized message or can create a specific message keeping in mind your target audience. Your on-hold message should appeal to their specific interests in your business. To make it more interesting, you can incorporate an engaging voice that they will be more than willing to listen to. 
  • Message Timing is important: You can incorporate the on-hold message keeping in mind the caller’s average hold times for your business. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you must record enough messages (not just two or three) to fill the time so that a caller isn’t stuck hearing the same hold messaging sound on an eternal loop. Trust us! Your callers will be less irritated if you do so. 
  • Incorporate the current changes: Many companies have seasonal sales and offers. You can include these offers in your script as and when you have new offers and sales lined up. This way you will be able to provide the relevant and latest information to your callers. Not just the offers, but you can also include the latest events notifications, advertisement details, and other informational messages about your business. 
  • Incorporate a Natural Voice: Alwaysincorporate a natural tone in your on-hold messaging voice because a robot is the last thing that your callers would like to hear. Plus, a natural voice would work best so whatever your script is test it on your friends and coworkers first and then give it a final nod. 
  • Give a call-back option: For customer retention, it is always a good idea to give your callers the option of calling back or leaving a message. 

Why Choose Us for On-Hold Messages?

We create well-crafted on-hold messages that are also timed correctly to achieve the desired results. So, you get the best messages that will entice your audience.

Our professional staff will research and then create a script, voice, and post-produce your customized on-hold message that will suit your business requirement. 

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