On Hold Message Script Examples

On Hold Message Script Examples


Creating a concise and appropriate on-hold message might sound like an easy job but in reality, is an uphill task. Your callers hear on-hold messages, so make sure that you give them the best message. If you want to make an impact on your callers utilize your on-hold time wisely and believe us you will have a long list of happy callers. 

What’s our approach to writing a great on-hold message? 

We have a well-planned approach to writing an on-hold message script. You can go through our on hold message script examples to know better.  

Look at the various steps that we follow to write an effective on hold message:

  • ·       Figure out what is your goal? : The first and foremost thing to notice is to figure out your goal. Your on-hold message will be effective if you have a clear goal in your mind as to what you want to achieve. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why are you investing your time and energy in creating an on-hold message?
  2. Do you want to build your brand image through your on-hold message?
  3. Does your on-hold message sound professional?
  4. Do you want to increase your sales through such messages?
  5. Do you want to prevent hang-ups through your on-hold message?

             You must customize each message to achieve your goal.

  • Your Message Should benefit your Callers and company: An effective on-hold message should benefit your callers and your company alike. Make it engaging and relevant to your audience. 
  •  Incorporate Call-To-Action: Your on-hold script should have a purpose. So, try incorporating a ‘call to action’ that will help you achieve your goals in a better way. Go through our on hold message script examples for a better understanding of this point.  
  • Keep it short and brief: While drafting an on-hold message, ensure that no matter how long your average hold time is, keep your on-hold message short, crisp and to the point. It will help you avoid bombarding your callers with too much information in a single message. If your message is long and detailed your callers might likely drop the call of boredom.  
  • Create an Impactful Message: If you need a little boost, our professional scriptwriters can help you create branded messages your callers will want to hear.  

Get The Best Quote: 

Connect with our experts and request a free demo today. You can also go through on hold message script examples and discover how to create an impactful on-hold message.


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