Professional Audio Production

Professional Audio Production


Yes, one of your staff members could probably record themselves instructing your callers to call you back or leave a message, but how clear and professional does your staff sound when they are recorded? Let's be honest, most mere mortals sound monotone on audio recordings, but a professional voice artist has been trained to sound interesting and captivating, resulting in your callers actually listening to what they have to say.

Plus, at Media Group, we can ensure that the same voice artist is used for all of your telephone messages including, your on-hold messaging, auto-attendant, and queue messages, essentially ensuring you have a certain continuity in your audio advertising strategy.

Media Group is home to 6 acoustically designed and built recording studios. Additionally, we have a fantastic team of scriptwriters, voice-over artists, and audio engineers who are dedicated to providing high-quality audio productions for a range of media. We have been producing audio productions for after-hour messages for many years, and we know how to make an impression. We offer fast turnaround times and very competitive prices.


Like the sound of our after-hours messages? Then contact us today and ask for a quote. Media Group offers a range of phone message packages, or we can produce an audio production for a once-off project. Basically, whatever your audio production needs, we can do it. Click here to submit a quote.


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