Telephone Messages Examples

Telephone Messages Examples

Sending out the right signals

When the telephone is answered, what the caller hears will help determine their view of your business operations. So it’s vital that all your telephone messages create the best possible impression.

Consider the Welcome Message or your standard After Hours Message. Are they delivered in the manner you expect from a professional organisation? Or do they have distinct DIY qualities?

For those times when all staff is busy, the incoming calls will go to your On Hold program. So what’s happening there? Are callers stuck in a queue listening to boring computer generated “chimes”? Or worse? Have they been placed in a “time-warp” hearing the same old product message that has not been updated for yonks?

So it’s not just the quality of the message, the content is equally important.


Pay attention to how your messages should sound

You can pick up hints on how to improve your telephone “persona” in a couple of areas. One way is to listen to how leading businesses use their telephone. You will realise their attention to detail extends to the quality of the telephone messages.

A more effective way is to talk with the experts at Media Group and listen to Telephone Messages Examples online.

Media Group, the business audio specialists have years of experience creating high-quality telephone messages for some of the best-known companies. It’s a good idea to listen to some of their creations at the Media Group website.


Arrange a free demonstration to be recorded just for you

You will never know how impressive your company can sound until you hear a professional voice artist record your telephone messages.

So in addition to previewing some Telephone Messages Examples on the Media Group website, make sure you request a “free demo”.

It’s just too easy! On the Media Group home page simply click on the button labelled “free on hold message”. Then all you have to do is follow a few prompts.

You’ll receive a link to go online to listen to your message. Play it a few times. You are sure to be impressed. Share with others in the office and see what they think.

Contact Media Group and talk about getting all your telephone messages produced to the most professional standard. You might be surprised at how little it will cost to have your business sounding like you mean business.

Arrange a free quote today at

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