Short Voicemail Message

Short Voicemail Message

How not to scare the caller

Aside from the never-ending stream of interruptions emanating from overseas call centres, probably the most annoying telephone content comes in the form of the Short Voicemail Message.

Unfortunately, when a telephone call goes unanswered it is a two-way street. First, the poor caller is inflicted with an almost abusive demand to “leave a message”. Next, this can evoke an equally curt response from a shell-shocked caller that may question the marital status of the recipient’s parents.


Improving what your clients hear

While there may be no simple way to instruct callers on how or what to say when responding to a Voicemail directive, there is a solution to improving the outgoing message from your Voicemail.

The idea is to have your outgoing Voicemail message written succinctly by a professional copywriter and recorded by a professional voice artist.

Media Group, the business audio specialists have a team of trained professional scriptwriters. They have the experience to create a Short Voicemail Message that can effectively communicate with your callers and invite them to record a brief message including their contact details.


Give your business a professional voice

You’ll be amazed at the impact a professional voice artist can achieve even with a simple telephone message. At Media Group you have access to a tremendous range of highly skilled male and female voice over artists. One will be right for your company.

You can audition voices online from the comfort of your office. At the Media Group website, you’ll be able to listen to actual recordings featuring the various voice artists. Take time to listen to the samples until you have isolated one or two favorites. Then you can request a free quote.


Don’t just stop at your Voicemail message.

When you have chosen a favourite voice or voices you’ll have the opportunity to use them on more of your company’s communications. Then you can establish a particular sound that best projects the image you desire for the business.

You can have Media Group create a Telephone On Hold package using Royalty Free Music and a series of messages focussing on your products and services.

The possibilities include using the same voice talent in radio and TV advertising as well as internet recordings, Corporate Videos and Sales Presentations.

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