Voice Acting Jobs Sydney

Voice Acting Jobs Sydney

Voices on the rise

The ongoing growth in the number of Voice Acting Jobs Sydney has on offer is probably going to continue despite Covid restrictions.

Going back to the pre-digital age the voice-over business was mostly concerned with the advertising and corporate documentaries. The number of jobs on offer was limited to radio and TV spots, the occasional cinema ad, and company video productions.

Once upon a time, the task of recording a voice for use on broadcast media was restricted by the technology and also the availability and cost of hiring a studio.

It’s a different story today when every man, woman, and the dog has access to broadcast-quality audio at home. All you need is a quiet room or a well-ventilated closet, a laptop, and a quality microphone.


Voices for every cause

Today the demand for voice artists has grown exponentially to cover website audio, telephone messaging, and the expanding number of radio stations and podcasts.

The idea of narrowcasting did not exist prior to the World Wide Web. Now if you have an opinion to put out there you’ll easily find a medium to serve that purpose.

There is a constant stream of new opportunities for voice over talent. Add that to the increase in Voice Acting Jobs Sydney and other Aussie cities can provide and it means more and more people are able to create a viable career as voice artists.

This growth in demand for quality voice talent has been supported by organisations like Gold Coast-based Media Group who specialise in audio for business.

If you are seeking a voice for your next project you’ll save yourself a great deal of time and frustration by doing your auditions on line at www.mediagroup.com.au

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