Bilingual English & Spanish Voice Over Talent

Bilingual English & Spanish Voice Over Talent

Media Group has access to voice artists within Spain. So when you want to record an audio script in Spanish, the Media Group will take care of everything for you. Our Spanish voice over talent are all experienced professionals capable of delivering the style and character of voice your script requires. We offer both male and female Spanish voice over artists of all ages. 


We streamline the process to make it easier and more convenient for you to get the right Spanish voice over talent. First, we will provide an online quote free of charge. Tell us what you want; Male or Female Spanish voice or voices? Do you prefer young adults, seniors, teenagers,s or children?  Our quote will be based on the length of the script and where and for how long the recording will be used or broadcast. We will send you the quote online without delay. When you have approved our quote and if your script is over 60 seconds long, you can ask us to supply a sample recording


Once you have approved our quote we will recommend the best choice of Spanish voice talent to use for your project. For any script over one minute in length, you can request a free sample of the recommended voice reading and extract it from your script.   This service is provided free of charge. When the sample is recorded we will send you a link so you can hear it online. After approving the free sample we will invoice you as per the quote. We will proceed with recording the complete script as soon as payment is received. Let’s get started. Request your FREE quote by clicking on the button at the top of this page.


Choosing the Spanish voice that suits the script is essential to creating effective audio. You also have to be confident the voice is projecting the desired image and brand personality of your product or company. Whether the recording is going to be used on radio, TV, cinema, online, or on the telephone, it’s important to get it right the first time. Here at Media Group we are highly experienced audio experts. When you work with us, you can be certain the Spanish voice talent we provide and the recording quality we produce will be right the first time, every time.  

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