Spanish Voice Talents

Spanish Voice Talents

Seeking out a Spanish voice

When a project calls for a professional voice over in Spanish it’s time to call on Media Group. You can begin auditioning Spanish Voice Talents online by listening to samples at the Media Group website.  

In fact, anytime you need a professional male or female voice in any language your first move should be to contact Media Group.

Whether you are searching for the right voice for radio, television, or cinema advertising or an experienced voice artist for a corporate video or internet project, you can be sure Media Group will provide the widest choice at the most competitive rate.


Discover costs involved free of charge

To help get your budget in order and to check the availability of your preferred Spanish Voice Talents you can request a free quote. Simply click on the button at the top right-hand corner of the Media Group home page and follow the prompts.

If you are planning to record a script or number of scripts with a total running time in excess of 60 seconds, you can also request that Media Group supply a free demo.

If you request a free demo you will need to email a copy of your script to Media Group. They will arrange your preferred voice artist to record a short segment of your script. You will then receive a link to go online and hear the finished demo recording.


Say ‘Ole’ and get started today

You can find the voice you are looking for without leaving the office. Everything is available online from the comfort of your chair.

Start by listening to voice samples on the Media Group website and select your preferred talent. Then get a free quote and check the talent’s availability. Finally, to make doubly sure you have made the right choice, request a free demo.

There’s never been a more convenient way to find the right professional voice talent for the job.

Discover more by visiting the Media Group website. Go to

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