Spanish Voice Over Talent

Spanish Voice Over Talent

Using languages to spread the word.  

In this world of global business activity companies have to be prepared to adapt their marketing to appeal to various audiences. This is particularly true when it comes to communications.

Advertising as a component of the marketing mix, not only strays across borders it also moves through various media. In days prior to the advent of satellite broadcasting and the proliferation of internet content, a brand could settle on producing material in the main language of the domestic market.

Today even the dominant language of a market may be limited in appeal to a major sub-group. The USA is a prime example. While the Americans speak a language that vaguely resembles English, advertisers (sorry advertisers) are aware their radio campaign will reach a wider audience if they include a Spanish voice over talent.


Multicultural is rapidly becoming the norm.

Brands on sale in countries with a mix of cultures have always been aware of the need to keep every ethnic group informed. Even a little dot on the world surface like Singapore produces TV and radio ads in Mandarin, English, Malay, and Tamil.

In Australia, a quick flick through the available broadcasting outlets will reveal a range of languages in use that would look at home at an Assembly of the United Nations.

So does your company make provisions to be all inclusive to this wider audience? Does your advertising and promotions material go out in more than a single tongue? In particular, are you speaking to all areas of potential sales in a language with which they feel a close association?

To be blunt if you want to motivate sales to speakers of the Spanish language you will need to use Spanish voice over talent!


Locating experienced professional voice artists

When you need to source a voice over in any of the modern languages head directly to Media Group, the business audio specialists.

You’ll find Media Group have access to some the best-known voice over artists from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region including Japan, Korea, and China as well as popular voice talent from Spain, the UK, Germany, and the USA.   

You can begin auditioning talent by listening to samples online at

For more assistance click on the button labelled “Contact Us” on the Media Group home page and follow the prompts. 

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