How To Apply For Voice Dubbing Artist

How To Apply For Voice Dubbing Artist

A voice, a voice my kingdom for a voice

It happens when you least expect it. Perhaps you’re paying the grocery bill at the checkout. The cashier remarks “you have a nice voice. Are you in radio?”

I always answer along the lines that being on the radio is very uncomfortable. Not much room in there for the batteries let alone my 115kg frame.

After the crescendo of laughter fades I usually fess-up. “Yes, I do some voice work”. Then comes the follow-up question; How To Apply For Voice Dubbing Artist?

Mostly the questions come from students working as casuals at stores, supermarkets, clubs, shoe shops and so on. They’re all hunting for something and university doesn’t appeal.


An accidental voice over

Perhaps I was lucky. I never had to ask How To Apply For Voice Dubbing Artist? In fact, I sort of fell or was pushed into voice work.

I was selling airtime at a country TV station. When the station announcer suddenly quit the boss said I had to record the station id’s and promos.

The first promo I recorded was “Coming up after Dallas stay tuned for the News”. From memory I think it took 40 takes!

By the time I had done that many re-records, the guy switching program to air was banging on the door demanding the cartridge. I still had the remaining 3 dozen jobs to finish! That was day one.

So it wasn’t necessary for me to find out How To Apply For Voice Dubbing Artist? I was already doing the job.


Practice improves the voice

As with most things, except golf, practice helps. I was recording 30 to 40 different promos each morning. After a few weeks I got most of them done in one take.

A few years passed. Along with my first marriage. I headed for sunnier climes and ended up working at an advertising agency in Singapore.

Within a week I was recording English voice overs for all sorts of products. No, I still hadn’t figured out How To Apply For Voice Dubbing Artist?  

My voice must have improved because soon I was doing TV voice overs for Shell, Qantas, Daikin, Nestle, Nissan, KFC and a heaps for Coca Cola.

I was also on the Discovery channel doing promos like “Coming up next on Discovery, stay tuned for Shark Week!”


Overnight success after 20 odd years.

Back in the Land of Oz and looking for work, I compiled a demo tape and started learning How To Apply For Voice Dubbing Artist?

Finally, after all the years actually doing voice overs I met the directors of a real recording studio and they hired me.

Today I’m just one voice from a stable of very talented, very professional male and female voice artists at Media Group, the business audio specialists.

Do you want to know How To Apply For Voice Dubbing Artist? I suggest you get a demo reel together and start knocking on doors.

When you’re looking to hire voice over talent for your next project be it TV, radio, cinema, the internet, corporate video or e-learning head to

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