Messages On Hold Pricing

Messages On Hold Pricing

The price of an on hold program may not reflect the standard

In any business, transaction cost is always high on the list of considerations. But often we find out after the deal has been done that things aren’t up to par.

This post-purchase dissatisfaction is a regular feature with shoddy on hold programs. Usually the result of sourcing a supplier based purely on Messages On Hold Pricing.

Remember what Daddy taught you. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is so run away at a rapid gallop.


Mercy mercy. The quality of messages should not be strained

Apologies to the Bard, however when you are trying to reduce the number of callers who hang-up when placed on hold then choosing the best program is not a cost-cutting opportunity.

There are many options available in today’s market. A simple internet search will demonstrate the abundance of potential suppliers. Many are capable of delivering a suitable result, but why risk mediocrity. You should not settle for anything less than the best on hold messages your budget can afford.

Don’t make your decision based on Messages On Hold Pricing.


Let a leader show you the way

Talk to Media Group, the business audio specialists. For many years Media Group have been providing high-quality telephone on hold programs to companies of all sizes from every sector of the economy including the government.

Media Group will always emphasise quality rather than just bargain pricing as the prime consideration for your business telephone on hold messages.

A Media Group team of seasoned copywriters will work with you to carefully craft your messages to captivate callers and keep them on the line.

You’ll be able to choose male and/or female professional voice over talent to read your messages with conviction and clarity.

At the Media Group recording studios experienced producers will combine the voices with sound effects and royalty free music tracks. Together they will build a seamless on hold program to entertain and inform callers and keep them on the line.


A free demo should interest you

Here is a chance for you to experience the high production qualities of a Media Group Messages On Hold program without any price consideration.

Get a Free Demo. A custom on hold message made just for you. Simply go to click on the button labelled free demo and follow the prompts.

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