Best On-hold Messaging Services Of 2021

Best On-hold Messaging Services Of 2021

Hanging on the line

When I was first permitted to use the telephone it was still connected by wire. I think we called it a phone cord. The technicians referred to it as a cable inside the premises and outside it was a phone line

Hence the origin of the expression “hold the line”. This always conjures up images of folks all over AU grabbing onto their cords and hanging-on tightly to stay connected.


After the beep

Then came the advent of the answering machine. I remember the phrase “leave your message after the tone” as being the one sure way to leave my Mum speechless.

From those elementary days of “beeps” and awkwardness, we turn to the important business subject of On Hold Messaging.

Ask yourself where would the business world be without the telephone? It’s unthinkable and a bit scary.


A new era in business

It was August 15, 1877, when inventor Alexander Graham Bell called to his colleague in the next room “Mr. Watson come here. I want to see you".

Suddenly the world changed. The telephone had arrived and done business took a huge leap into modernity.

Today in this all-convenient digital world the business telephone is able to interact with callers using no human intervention. You’ve been there “Press 1 for accounts...”

But there are times when “all lines are busy”. I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase. It comes just before you decide to hang up or to stay on the line as requested.


Get the message

The choice between hanging-up and holding-on usually comes down to the quality of the On Hold Messaging.

Music alone will delay the hang-up but only marginally better than dead silence or those horrible chimes.

Callers need to be entertained if you want them to acquiesce to a request to hold the line. One way to do this is by providing relevant information about the company and its products/services.

A program of music and messages that’s been well scripted, properly recorded, and spoken by a professional voice actor is the best way to reduce the number of callers who hang-up.

At Media Group Au we can demonstrate how to improve you're On Hold Messaging. We will even write and record a free sample message and send it to you online.

To find out more click on the button labelled “free on hold demo” here at

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