Telephone Messages

Telephone Messages

Maximising your telephone on hold

Most companies fail when it comes to getting the most out of their telephone system. Today, especially with the advent of VOIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol) the business telephone is an immensely powerful and versatile instrument.

The first area to examine is your Telephone Messages. Assuming you have you been equipped with the right hardware, does your on hold program project the business image you desire and do you have online access to enable fast updates?

Media Group, the business audio specialists, will soon have your telephone on hold program up to speed.


Avoid the DIY trap that gives your competitors a head start.

In days of old the thought of being placed on hold was akin to being treated like a leper. Not anymore. We all know that during any working week we may be put on hold several times. It’s a sign of the times and we all accept it.

However, we should not accept any deterioration in efficiency or change in our approach to putting the customer first. It is essential to any company’s survival to have the best possible Telephone On Hold Messages.

Your on hold program needs to be expertly written, professionally voiced and produced in a proper recording studio. There’s nothing worse for a caller than to be stuck listening to a poorly voiced, badly worded script that crackles and pops like it was recorded on cellophane paper.


Your on hold is an opportunity to inform and entertain.

A quality on hold program demonstrates your interest in the caller. Your messages will let them know about your products and services. Information that is in their interest.

Remember the aim of the program is to reduce the number of callers hanging up and going elsewhere. So in addition to holding their interest with short messages the on hold program should feature intervals of music.

The audio experts at Media Group have perfected the art of creating on hold programs. Their team of experienced copywriters will craft your scripts in consultation with you.

When you have approved the scripts they will be voiced by professional male or female voice over artists that you have chosen from sample recordings on line.

Then your finished on hold recordings will be delivered via the internet ready to install on your telephone system.

For more details on harnessing the power of your phone with effective on hold go to

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