On hold media

On hold media

On-Hold media is an intriguing option for organisations looking to send audio and scripted messages to their clients while they are on hold. Every firm must place clients on hold, as this is a necessary component of operating a successful business. When your clients are waiting for service, on-hold media is critical. It's an excellent opportunity to reach out to your customers with a tailored promotion and educate them about your extensive line of products and services. On hold media boosts sales, expands businesses, decreases caller hang-ups, and drives more traffic to your company's website.

The Facts About Holding Calls:

• Approximately 70% of company phone calls are held for an average of 45-60 seconds.

• 60% of callers who hear dead air hang up, and 30% of those who hang up never call again.

• Callers who are listening to Messaging On-Hold will remain on the line for an additional three minutes.

• An executive, on average, spends 17 minutes per day on hold.

• On average, an individual spends 60 hours a year on wait.

• The national average hold time for businesses with more than two telephone lines is 55 seconds.

Why More than 85% of callers prefer messaging on hold over quiet.

• Approximately one-fifth of callers make a purchase or make a decision based on media on-hold.


On-Hold Media's Benefits:

• A 40% increase in caller retention while on hold.

• An increase of 15% in general inquiries.

• an immediate increase of 13% in product and service requests stated in Messages On-Hold.

The statistics are unambiguous: On-Hold media is crucial when your clients are on the phone. Without it, you risk losing up to 90% of callers, who will take their business elsewhere. Callers lost equates to revenue loss. With media On-Hold, you can effortlessly advertise current promotions or offers, or just inform your consumers that someone will be with them shortly without picking up the line. Best of all, you can modify your media On-Hold as frequently as necessary!

This is why media group should provide on-hold messages that address their frequently asked questions, lead them to your physical location, and provide any other information that adds value to the client experience. Professional voiceovers by Media Group leverage transfers, wait times, and call lines to strategically promote to callers by advertising new services, goods, or forthcoming special events and promotions. contact us so we may assist you in customising on-hold pieces that will make your clients feel appreciated.

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