How To Take Telephone Messages

How To Take Telephone Messages

Let clients know you care for their business

Traditionally taking a message over the phone involved real people at both ends of the line. After an exchange of courtesies, a short discussion would ensue with the person answering the call writing down a few details and passing the message to the intended recipient.

But technology seems to have overtaken the art of How To Take Telephone Messages.

With the introduction of dedicated Answering Machines, callers were suddenly confronted with the challenge of having to quickly relate the reason for their call. Then if they remembered they had to leave their name and contact number. In a number of instances, people simply hung up the phone.

Today most unanswered calls go directly to Voicemail. While people have become accustomed to interacting with “the robot” recording their message, generally this procedure does little to enhance client relationships.


The do’s and don’ts of taking a message

It’s easy to get blasé when asking callers to leave a message on Voicemail, but is that sending the wrong signal to your customers?

It’s the words that cause the problems. The actual words you say and the way these words are actually said.

We have all experienced that curt Voicemail demand that goes something like “Leave a message. I’ll get back to you”.

Such an encounter could leave the caller thinking maybe they don’t need my support? Perhaps even considering calling a competitor. But there is a better way. We will call it the professional method of How To Take Telephone Messages.


A message can make or break a business relationship

Media Group, the business audio specialists have trained copywriters who have years of experience creating telephone messages. Their expertise covers writing for all types of telephone communications from simple call directive applications and after-hours messages to product based sales messages. 

The specialist writers at Media Group also script effective Voicemail messages that encourage callers to not only leave a message but also to feel welcome as a valued client or new customer.

Remember that in addition to “what” words have used the subject of “how” those words are said is vital. The impact of a well-written Voicemail message can be further enhanced by having it read by one of the professional voice over artists from Media Group. You can hear samples online at

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