Tips To Record Professional-quality Voice Over

Tips To Record Professional-quality Voice Over

Looks great. Sounds sh-one-t

Digital technology has done at least one thing right for posterity. I refer to the vast amount of video recording and photographic imagery we are leaving behind.

However, I sympathise with the archivists and future archaeologists who will have to sift through the mountains of data. 

Unfortunately, the technology did not come with any Tips To Record Professional-quality Voice Over. The result; an inordinate amount of crappy audio. A feature on too many company websites, trade displays, and corporate videos.

Don’t blame the technology

Your mobile device will record cinema-quality imagery. It can also deliver excellent audio. Add a serious microphone and voila! Broadcast quality in the palm.

The deterioration in the audio is purely a function of the human element.

You can follow all the websites and their Tips To Record Professional-quality Voice Over but without trained, skilled sound engineers and experienced voice artists the sound will still suffer.

The results might be OK for sharing on Tik Tok, but for more serious company communications every voice over should reflect the image you desire for your brand.

Start at the top

Rather than trying to make the proverbial silk purse out of a sow’s ear, when you want a professional voice over recording head to Media Group the business audio specialists.

You may already have a good idea of the type of voice you are looking for. At the Media Group website, you can listen to sample recordings of male and female voice talent of all ages.

To help narrow your search the voice artists are categorised by gender, age, style of delivery, and nationality.

Pick a voice to go

When you have identified a particular voice artist or made a shortlist, you can request a free online quote and perhaps arrange a demo.

Everything happens online. From contact to quote to booking the talent and recording your script.

You can have your voice-over delivered as “cold voice” only or fully mixed with music tracks you can select from the Media Group library of Royalty Free Music.

So do your bit for posterity here and now at

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