Voice Over Demo

Voice Over Demo

It costs nothing to hear your business sound professional.

Most companies strive to look their best. They’ll spend a fortune on the signwriting. Go to extraordinary lengths on the full designer look for the head office. Even the branch offices will get a regular face-lift. But looks aren’t everything.

How does your business sound? What sort of image are you projecting over the telephone? Do you cringe when callers get put on hold? Does your After Hours Message sound like an after-thought? And what about the sound quality of your YouTube video?

But you don’t have to sound like a second-rate outfit. Start upgrading by utilising a high-quality professional voice artist. You’ll be surprised how little money you have to outlay. In fact, you can start for free with a Voice Over Demo.

Spend zilch to begin looking for your Company’s voice.

You might need a voice for your telephone messages. Or an experienced announcer for a Radio campaign or Television commercial. Perhaps you’re planning to make a new Corporate Video. Whatever role you have in mind, Media Group makes choosing the right voice easier than ever. And you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Go online to the Media Group website. There you can begin auditioning an amazing selection of professional voices. You’ll hear samples of talented male and female voice over artists of all ages. It costs nothing to listen. You only have to click a mouse or tap the screen on your smart device.

After listening to the voice samples you might have found one that could be perfect. Then you can erase all doubt by having Media Group arrange a Voice Over Demo free of charge! Too easy.

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right voice.

As the business audio specialists, Media Group know it is vital you feel confident with the voice you choose to become part of your company’s communications. So provided you intend to record a script or scripts at least 60 seconds duration, a demonstration recording will be provided.

Simply email a copy of your script and identify your preferred voice talent. Media Group will arrange the demo recording using an extract from your script and then forward a link for you to go online and listen to the demo recording.

For more details of this free demo offer go to www.mediagroup.com.au

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