Planning Your Voice-Over Demos

Planning Your Voice-Over Demos

What voice will best project a desired brand image?

Making sure you are using the right voice talent in your advertising and communications is a bit like choosing a new shirt. You need to try before you buy.

Media Group, the audio specialists understand the importance of matching your image with the right voice. That’s why accessing Voice Over Demos should be as easy as going on line.

From the comfort of your office, arm-chair or favourite café you can begin the audition process to select the perfect voice talent for your next project.   


Should the voice be male or female?

On the Media Group website you’ll find a wide selection of voice samples from professional male and female voice over talent. These samples are grouped by gender and placed in categories like Radio, TV, Corporate or Telephone.

The choice is further defined by age group and nationality. Plus you’ll find a short description of each particular voice style. For example Male Voice number 10 is described as “mature, strong, corporate” while male number 11 is “young, fresh inviting”. Female talent number 2 is described as “Fresh, retail, bright”.


How much will you need to budget?

After listening to the samples on line you’ll be able to narrow your choice to a favourite or two. You can then send an email to ask about the costs and availability of your preferred voice or voices.

Let’s assume you have received a response to your enquiry. The voice talent’s availability meets your production schedule and the cost is within the budget. But what if you still are not 100% sure of your choice?


Requesting Voice Over Demos

Provided you plan to record scripts of a minimum sixty seconds in length, you can ask Media Group to supply an actual demo. This is a recording of your chosen voice artist reading an extract from your script.

This just has to be the most foolproof way to know you got it right first time. You can be certain that from the myriad of voices available at Media Group, the voice or voices selected are right for the task.

Start the ball rolling now. Audition samples on line. Make a shortlist.  Arrange a free quote and check the availability of your preferred voice talent.

Get the right voice. Head to

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