Australian Voice Actors

Australian Voice Actors

The best voice overs from the land of Oz

Down under In Australia, when you’re looking for a voice over talent with particular qualities, you don’t have to close your eyes and make a wish. You don’t need to follow a road paved in primrose! You simply need to visit Media Group! The one place you are sure to find a wider choice of Australian Voice Actors.

Media Group, the business audio specialists, will work their magic to help you find the style and type of voice you think will be perfect for your next project.

It all begins far, far away in the wonderful world-wide-web. Sometimes called the “web” for short and more precisely known as the internet.


Your search starts with a click

Your destination is the Media Group website and the search begins with a “click”!  No, not your heels, but the click of a mouse or a tap on a screen.

Landing on the Media Group home page you’ll see the icon of a microphone in centre screen and the title “Voice Overs”. Follow the path and you’ll soon be able to hear actual sample recordings of voice over artists from all over the world.

Now to refine your search for Australian Voice Actors scroll down the countries in the menu on the right-hand side and click on Australia.

You can further narrow your selection by choosing male or female under gender and by specifying which age group you prefer.

Finally click on the button labelled “search”.


Audition the samples from the results of your search

Let’s imagine you want to hear radio/TV samples by Australian females aged 20 to 30. You will be presented with the first page of options to meet that criteria.

To help you identify which samples might be best for your project you will notice a brief description of each voice. For example “friendly”, “upbeat”, “likeable” etc. Or in the category for males aged 30 to 40 “attention-grabbing”, “strong” “ballsy” etc.

Preview the samples and when you have heard a voice that you believe is right for the job click on the button at the top of the page labelled “free online quote”.

Media Group will respond with your quote and confirm the availability of your preferred voice talent.

If you are still not 100% sure of your choice you may qualify to receive a free demo recording using an extract from your script. To find out more head to

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