Australian Voice Over Artists

Australian Voice Over Artists

Leading Aussie voice actors haven’t always said G’day

Up until the mid-1970’s Australian Voice Over Artists always spoke with a lilt stolen from BBC newsreaders.

Probably the only actors who dared to speak with an Aussie accent were film star Chips Rafferty and the cast of the radio serial “Dad and Dave”. This long-running lunchtime entertainment was adapted from author Steele Rudd’s 1899 play titled “On Our Selection”   

Through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Australia’s leading voice actor was Peter Gwynne. Just like Phar Lap the champion racehorse, Pavlova, Ugg Boots, and “our own” Russel Crowe, Peter Gwynne came from New Zealand stock.


National pride finally set our voice actors free

It wasn’t until Paul Hogan roused our national spirit that fair dinkum speakers of “strine” could get a look in for a voice-over job.

When Winfield cigarettes hired Hodges to stand in front of the SSO bedecked in a dinner suit and utter the call to action “Anyhow. Have a Winfield”…he opened the floodgates for genuine Aussie boys and girls to begin recording voice overs in a style that was recognisable from Hobart to Darwin?


Where do you go for the real Aussie voices? The dinky-die item?

When you find yourself searching for Australian Voice Over Artists you need to go directly to the place where you’ll find the best choice all at one address. Your destination is

Media Group, the business audio specialists, boast a stable of professional male and female voice over talent where you can be sure of finding the voice you seek.

If you require an Australian voice or voices for radio, TV, the Internet, a corporate video or telephone messaging you can be sure Media Group will satisfy your search.


Everything happens at the click of a mouse or a tap on a screen

At the Media Group website, you can audition hundreds of sample voice overs and never leave the desk. On the home page select the button labelled “Voice Overs”.

On the VoiceOver page refine your search by choosing the style of reading such as radio/TV, corporate or telephone. Next, choose your preferred gender and age group then select Australia from the list of countries. Finally hit search.

As the first page of options appear you’ll notice a brief description of the voice style. You’ll see the adjectives “Vibrant”, “Mature” “Upbeat” “Conversational” and so on. Just click away and when you have made a choice hit the button to request a free online quote.

It doesn’t get any easier! Give it a go mate.

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