Voice Talent Online

Voice Talent Online

Not every fair dinkum (genuine) Aussie bloke (man) carries a 9-inch Bowie knife strapped to his back. It’s the same with the sheilas (girls). They don’t all earn a quid (work) kick-starting jumbo Jets at the airport in Sinnie (Sydney).

 Most understand the spoken language ‘strine’ (Australian) although toffs (snobs) from Melbourne say it’s only used by bogans (riff-raff) from Brissie (Brisbane).

The fact is Australia rates as one of the world’s most culturally diverse nations. More than 300 languages are spoken in Australian homes. After English, the next most common languages are Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Italian.

So when you open your search engine and enter the words Voice Talent Australia the results can be fascinating.


A long list of want-to-bes, also-rans, and hangers-on.

The business of voice acting attracts a lot of very talented and serious people. There are also many opportunists and time wasters.

Let us imagine you are hunting for a voice-over artist for your next radio/TV spot or corporate project. You know you want an English speaking male or female. He or she should appeal to a particular age group and have relevant and proven experience. Above everything you want a professional. 


Separate the chaff from the grain

Having entered the phrase Voice Talent Australia, your search engine is going to page rank the results according to the algorithm driving the search. It’s here that human judgment has to intervene.

It’s an impossible task to go through all the individuals that might qualify in your search so you should begin with the best voice over talent agents.

You need to be dealing with the right people. The best company that can connect you with the perfect one or two voices who meet your criteria.  


On line, voice auditions help avoid disastrous sidetracks

Media Group, the business audio specialists represent a huge variety of Australia’s professional male and female voice over talent. You can start auditioning samples of their work right now, online from the comfort of your office.

It couldn’t be any easier. Listen to the samples. Make a decision on your favourite(s) and ask for a free quote. Do it all online…click click...Job’s done.

Time to get into action. Go to www.mediagroup.com.au

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