Hire Freelance Voiceover Actors

Hire Freelance Voiceover Actors

Is the voice you pick a pro?

Given the growing number of inexperienced people entering the voice business these days, it’s a real challenge to Hire Freelance Voiceover Actors.

Not too long back recording a voice to broadcast standard required a considerable investment in studio equipment.

Enter the digital age. Now for a few thousand dollars every man and his canine companion can set up a recording facility just about anywhere.

When you need to Hire Freelance Voiceover Actors you’re likely to spend more time sifting through the amateur ranks sorting the sheep from more sheep.


Will we get rammed anyway?

There is only one sure way to decide if a voice over artist is right for the job. You have to hear the voice in action.

Media Group, the business audio specialists, know how things work. So hiring the best professional voice artist for any project requires an audition. No sweat.

Just as the digital age made recording more accessible, now you can do all your voice over auditions online.

A few mouse clicks or screen taps on the Media Group website will reveal access to sample recordings from a fantastic range of professional voices.

Note the operative word here is “professional”. You can Hire Freelance Voiceover Actors from just about anywhere, but when the going gets going you might be sorry you left out the “pro” bit in your search.


One step past the audition

When you have arrived at the Media Group website click on the microphone symbol next to the heading Voice Overs.

You’ll be presented with a range of choices. Do you want a voice for TV, radio, a corporate video or an e-learning project? Do you prefer a male or female voice artist? What age group? From which country?

All the voice over artists for hire have been categorised to assist your search. You will also see a short description of the voice’s character like “smooth, mature corporate” or “lively, vibrant retail” etc.

When you have narrowed the choice by listening to some sample reads, you can ask for a Free Online Quote.


Get a Free Quote

After you’ve passed the first hurdle, that is you’ve searched for and listened to the voice you believe is right for the job, Media Group will supply a free online quote.

You will also get confirmation of the availability of the voice artist you wish to hire.

When you need to Hire Freelance Voiceover Actors, don’t get caught out doing the job half-way. Get the specialists in the field working with you and enjoy the success. Go to www.mediagroup.com.au

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