Hire Voiceovers with Exceptional Voice Talents

Hire Voiceovers with Exceptional Voice Talents

There is an art in the choice of voice

Too often, the audio component of a TV commercial or corporate video is treated as an afterthought. That's risky. In fact, it can often lead to totally undermining the impact of the work.

In most cases, it will be the Voiceover that has missed the mark. There may be nothing amiss with the quality of the voice, however, for some reason, listeners will feel that it's not quite right.

This is an all too common problem, but one that is easily rectified. Unfortunately, the budget is often cited as the culprit. Not true. The price of the Voiceover will most likely be the norm for the industry. Payment will be "to scale" whether you elect to use this voice or that voice.

The real reason for the failure is simply the wrong voice has been chosen!


Learning to listen with a critical ear

Let us imagine you are creating a new corporate video. The scriptwriter has indicated the Voiceover should be a female with an authoritative delivery style.

Where do you begin looking for such a voice? You might generally associate a female Voiceover as warm and friendly or light-hearted and bubbly.

While recognising the professional Voiceover artist is trained to adapt to the script, sometimes this just won't happen. The quality of the voice might be too light to achieve the gravity required.

Despite the best attempts, the Voiceover will still end up sounding forced and unnatural.

We hear this in male voices every day on local TV. Every station promo from the trailer for a murder mystery to the latest cook-off championship is delivered with an abundant degree of forced gravitas.

Even a web address will carry the longest ever "dot coorrm dot a uuuuuu". The result is a sameness that undermines the message and ruins any credibility.


The world of voices is just a click away

Today the quest to find the right voice has been made more convenient by us, the business audio specialists.

You can audition hundreds of Voiceover samples recorded by voice artists from around the globe. You'll hear samples from all over Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific, the UK, Europe, and America.

To facilitate your search the sample recordings have been classified by gender, age, nationality, and style of reading e.g. Radio/TV, Corporate, Telephone Message.

When you have narrowed your search to a favorite or two you can ask for an online quote and make sure you're on a budget.

Then if you are planning to record a script or scripts of a minimum sixty seconds in length, you can request a free demo.

We will arrange for your preferred Voiceover to read an extract from your script. When the recording is complete you will receive a link to go online and review the free demo.

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