How To Get Started In Voice Over Work

How To Get Started In Voice Over Work

Ready to start

So you want to know How To Get Started In Voice Over Work. Let me tell you it’s almost as simple as getting started as an author.

When you want to become a writer, you sit down at a keyboard or grab your favourite Bic and start writing.

Becoming a Voice Over starts with you firing up the audio program on your laptop or smartphone, getting in front of your favourite mic (microphone) and start recording.

You have to start at this point because if you don’t get some samples of how you sound you won’t have any way to demonstrate those dulcet tones of yours.


Get it down

Catch 22 lives here. You won’t make a dint in your goal of being a successful voice over artist if you don’t have a “demo reel”.

If you haven’t done any prior recording you won’t have anything to put onto your demo reel!

So knowing How To Get Started In Voice Over Work means knowing how to contact the places that use voice over actors and delivering copies of your demo reel.


Origin of the demo reel

The demo is the abbreviation for the demonstration. Reel comes from the time when audio was recorded on reel-to-reel tape recorders using spools of magnetic tape.

Today you’ll be sending out your demo reel as an attachment to an email or as a CD or USB thumb drive.

The demo is your passport to getting off the ground in the V/O business. If you have to spend money to get a professional result don’t scrimp.

Book time at a recording studio. Tell them you want help putting together a voice demo. They’ll be glad to help, after all, you are not just a paying customer, they might like your voice and offer you some work!

Copy the wording from an existing commercial that will suit your voice/style. Have the studio record you reading the script. Get them to add some music and sound effects. The end result will form part of your demo reel.


Short cut to the top

Media Group, the business audio specialists are always listening for fresh new voices. You might have a voice talent that is of interest. Or you might just be curious to hear the professional male and female voices at

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