In Store Music Providers & Experts In Background Music

In Store Music Providers & Experts In Background Music

Music opens minds and purses

Whenever you see a customer walk into the store do you stop and wonder what they might be thinking? Or do simply accept they are “just looking”.

No self-respecting salesman or saleswoman could ever convince themselves a person who utters the words “just looking” is in fact just looking. They know the person is shopping.

When the salesperson asks, “May I be of assistance?” they should expect the interloper to fess-up and say “Just shopping”. So breaking down that veil of treachery is the store owner’s first duty in making a sale.

To achieve this goal the owner must match the shopper’s deception with an equal measure of guile and cunning. The simplest way to disarm these money-laden cash cows is to create a favourable mood change. And music is the weapon of choice.   

It’s time to call on the In-Store Music Providers & Experts In Background Music.


Creating a mood to shop by

Décor and product displays will assault the optics with an appeal to loosen the purse strings. But the subtle attack, and often the most effective mood altering persuasion emanates from the speaker system. Music. And not just any old songs.

Setting the credit cards free of their cosy leather pouches takes a special mix of music. It is a dark art known only to the best In-Store Music Providers & Experts In Background Music.


Put music to work in the office  

Just as shoppers respond to a tune, the right blend of melodies can also boost office productivity. As the brainwaves dip into post-lunch stupor music can work wonders on the little grey cells.

Again this is an endeavour for skilled and experienced music providers like Media Group, the business audio specialists. Media Group work closely with their clients to evaluate the music profile of a store’s customers or an office’s staff.

With access to one of the most extensive libraries of Royalty Free Music, Media Group can establish the best selection of music tracks that will appeal to and motivate any audience.

As a bonus, Media Group supply only Royalty Free Music so clients don’t have to pay the annual fees charged by collection agencies like APRA and PPCA

It’s a win, win situation. Customers and staff in the right mood and no royalty fees.  Head straight to

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