Background Music For Business

Background Music For Business

Music increases productivity

Don’t you just love all encompassing, sweeping statements like this heading? There’s no qualifier. No reference to source. Just the bland, bombastic assertion that music increases productivity. Says who?

Nobody disputes the fact that numerous university studies come to a conclusion that could be construed to support the argument. But the authors of such “in depth research” are always guarded in their conclusions. They’ll even qualify their findings by using aesthetic descriptions like “happier music”. WTF is that?

Perhaps these behavioural scientists are not willing to go out on a limb and risk their generous grants. Scratch around and you might unearth a backer with a special interest in the results! Perhaps a music streaming service or publisher.


It’s a touchy subject

Quite simply, everybody is entitled to an opinion on Background Music For Business. And everything is hunky dory until the question arises who is going to pay the piper?

In Australia and New Zealand to legally have music playing at a place of business you need to be licenced. The law states you must be registered with APRA/AMCOS and PPCA.

Each year you are going to pay for the right to have music playing at your office, factory, shop, hotel, shopping mall. Why? Because the composers and publishers own the rights to the music so you need to compensate them. APRA and PPCA are merely the collection agencies for the owners.


There is a choice for businesses

For those organisations interested in Background Music For Business without the impost of annual fees there is an alternative. It’s called Royalty Free Music.

Media Group, the business audio specialists have a most extensive library of Royalty Free Music.

The Media Group catalogues of Royalty Free Music encompass most genres including pop, rock, jazz, blues, country, folk and classical.


Select your own playlists

You may already have a good idea of the music style that will appeal to your customer profile. Working closely with the experts from Media Group you’ll be able to choose the individual tracks to create playlists that will be effective running throughout the day at your place of business.

It might be a little daunting at first when confronted with the huge quantity of music available, but you’ll soon be comfortable playing DJ. To find out more about Royalty Free Music head to

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