Professional Voice Over

Professional Voice Over

A company is only as good as it sounds.

The perception people have of a business is greatly influenced by the music and voices used in their advertising and communications. Even the welcome greeting or after hours message on the company telephone impacts the way customers view the organisation.

It’s important to make sure you choose a Professional Voice Over that helps project the image you desire for your business.

The good news is you can start looking for that ideal voice immediately using your PC or laptop. Media Group, the business audio specialists provide a wide choice of male and female voice artists with hundreds of samples posted online at their website.


Find the right voice online today

Nothing hard about this task, aside from making the decision. However, when it comes to choosing a Professional Voice Over from the Media Group stable, you might want to avoid getting too many people involved.

When asked for an opinion people tend to become instant experts on advertising and before you know it your horse has turned into a camel. A camel by the way, is a horse designed by a committee!  

The voice samples you hear at the Media Group website are in various categories to help you narrow your search. When you have found a voice or voices you think will be ideal for the job ask for a free quote.

To arrange a quote simply click on the button at the top right-hand corner of the Media Group website. Simple.


Confirm your choice of voice with a demo

Having got your free quote but you are still not 100% sure you have made the right choice, you can make arrangements to get a free demo recorded by your preferred voice artist.

The only condition is that you plan to record a script or scripts totaling a minimum of 60 seconds. The demo will be recorded and you will be emailed a link to go online and listen to it.

Find out more about getting the right choice of voice for your business. Click on the Media Group website today. Go to

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