Voice Acting Auditions Sydney

Voice Acting Auditions Sydney

A trying voice

When the word gets out a new animation series has scheduled Voice Acting Auditions Sydney, aspiring voice actors take note.

In fact it’s not just the new aspirational talent that needs to get in line, those well-established voices also need to join the queue.

The auditions might introduce a new actor or shine a different light on an already well known talent.

The producers may be well aware of the voice talent available but holding Voice Acting Auditions Sydney might help identify a brand new option for the lead role.


Line-up on line

These days, and especially given Covid restrictions, joining any queue has to be a considered decision.

So whether you are looking for work doing voices or you are producer, director or casting agent looking for voice talent you can do everything on line. It’s convenient, quick and safe.

The place to begin is at the home of the business audio specialists, Media Group.


Classified voices

There is a tremendous choice of voices available. But when you are auditioning voices you need to be able to narrow the choice and avoid wasting time.

You already know the type of voice you are seeking. To make your selection as foolproof as possible the Media Group website presents the widest range of voice talent in well-defined categories.

The voices at Media Group are classified by gender, age group, style of delivery and nationality. A short two or three word description is included with each voice talent to further help you in the selection process.

A particular voice might be described as “warm, mature, confident” or “young hearted and spirited”.  Just the sought of brief idea you need to help make a choice.


Get on the books

On the other hand if you are looking for work in voice acting you should talk over   your aims with the friendly folks at Media Group. They are constantly on the lookout for new and fresh-sounding voices. 

Auditions are only one facet of the voice over business you have to learn to control. When you’re searching for a particular voice or style of voice, the pathway can be strewn with hazards and distractions.

As a new voice talent on the scene auditions are the chance for you to get a foot in the door.

So whether you have a voice people want or you’re looking for a particular voice over artist here’s where you can make it happen. www.mediagroup.com.au

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