Voice Actors Needed

Voice Actors Needed

Finding an actor with that special voice.

The late Mel Blanc was known as “the man with 1000 voices”. Whether it was “wabbit season” or “duck theathon” Mel was promulgating both sides of the argument. He also voiced Porky the porcine adjudicator trying to resolve the consistent disputes between D,D,D, Daffy and B,B,B, Bugs that “waskily wabbit”.

Add to Mel’s credits Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Pepe Le Pew, Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester, Tweety, the ever growling Tasmanian Devil and the constantly cackling Woody Woodpecker. Incidentally, that “wranger” of the woodlands was the first voice Mel devised yet it was seventeen years before he found the cartoon character it came to inhabit.

Advertisers know that one unique voice can help a product stand out in a crowded market. So around the recording studios, the search is constant and the message always reads voice actors needed.  


When the voice becomes the message.

Communication experts will argue the medium is the message. If TV is the medium the visual component is paramount. But the costs are astronomical. However, for a fraction of the cost, you can use the voice-over from the TV commercial on the radio and the listener will play all the pictures in their mind. 

When you hear the voice of James Earl Jones do you see Mustafa from Lion King or the inimitable Darth Vada? Does the unmistakable Scottish lilt of Sean Connery plunge you headlong into the world of Bond?


Choose the voice to match your market.

If you find yourself needing to put out the message voice actors needed, a good place to start is Media Group. As business communication specialists Media Group has access to the most diverse range of professional male and female voice talent.

I you need a voice of any style from hard, hard-sell to smooth, silky persuasion or a voice with the comical character you will find what you are looking at Media Group.

You can begin auditions for that brand defining voice right now by going online to www.mediagroup.com.au.  On the home page under the heading samples click on “voice artists” and then refine your search by age, gender, and country of origin.

You’ll hear actual samples the voice artists have recorded for use on TV, Radio, Corporate Videos, Internet projects and telephone on hold programmes.

If you don’t immediately hear a voice to suit your particular task click on the button labelled “Contact Us” and follow the prompts. Alternatively, telephone and speak with a Media Group team member. You’ll soon be listening to that special voice.

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