Voice Over Agencies

Voice Over Agencies

Task an agent to help locate your voice

It’s not until you begin searching for the right voice talent to represent your organisation that you realise it is no easy task. Sure it sounds simple. Find a professional with a great voice.

Then you start refining your idea of the perfect voice choice. Gender? Age? Style? Experience? Cost? Availability? Pretty soon the complexity of your assignment gives you an insight into why Voice Over Agencies exist.


The iceberg in the room

There are thousands of voice artists. When you factor-in those who work part-timethere must be a couple of million voice artists working around the world. You are trying to narrow the choice down to one or two individuals.

Pretty soon you begin to feel like the forward lookout on the Titanic. There you are peering through the fog, armed only with one pair of ears. It’s a fair analogy, and we all know how it worked out for that ill-fated trans-Atlantic liner. Brrrrr!

If radar had existed in 1912 the Titanic would have dodged the berg, sailed into history and disappeared from memory. But it was another 23 years before the arrival of Sir Robert Watson-Watt’s fog penetrating invention.

Let’s continue the comparison. Imagine in the challenge to locate your one special voice artist, the search power of radar is akin to that of today’s Voice Over Agencies. It’s a fair bet to conclude Captain John Smith would have looked tohis radar for help that foggy night.


If you have a dog you don’t need to bark

What about you? Are you going to stumble along blindly trying to locate that special voice while you ignore the expert assistance an agency can provide?  

Media Group, the business audio specialists, provide an amazing variety of voice over artists. Make it easy on yourself. You don’t have to move out of the chair. Go online and you can begin searching through their amazing selection of male and female professional voice talent.

You’ll find hundreds of samples to help you evaluate the best choice for your voice. The samples are grouped by gender, age, country and style. So if you are looking for a strong, corporate male voice artist or a female voice with a vibrant, friendly retail style of delivery, you can be sure you’ll find it.

Set a course for success. Head straight to www.mediagroup.com.au

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