Voice Over Services

Voice Over Services

The voice over you need is just a click away    

In the quest to unearth the right voice artist for your next project it is easy to fall back to the old favourites. Not that you haven’t imagined using someone totally new, it’s just too hard to explain what you are hearing in your mind.

Most clients have about as much imagination as a lukewarm eggplant and the agency Account Executives…well their opinion will be whatever the client decides.

But your problem can be solved with no fee involved. Today the voice over services you have been searching for is available online from Media Group, the business audio specialists.


So many voices. So little time wasted.

Of the many great things about Media Group, the number one benefit is their range of professional voice over talent. You can be confident of finding the voice(s) you seek.

Choose from male and female voice artists of all ages. Any style from hard sell to the silky smooth laid-back kind. Or you could select a comical, character voice capable of busting through the advertising clutter. A voice to lift a product out of obscurity.

It’s too easy to choose. Just click or screen tap your way through the online samples. When you have narrowed the selection to a single voice or voices, click again so you can arrange a free online quote. Really this is the ultimate in voice over services.


Arrange a free demo by your selected talent

As part of the Media Group philosophy of always going the extra yard, you can request a free demonstration read of your script. The only provision is that you must be planning to record a script or a number of scripts that will run at least 60 seconds.

Forward your proposed script by email to Media Group and they will arrange for your preferred talent to record an extract from the script. You will receive a link to go online and hear the “free demo”.

Play the demonstration read as often as you like. Share it with colleagues so you can be 100% positive you have chosen the best voice(s) for the project. It is the nearest thing to a foolproof audition. For sure you won’t get service like it anywhere else.

Get started by going to www.mediagroup.com.au and know you’re just a few clicks from successfully unearthing your new favourite voice over talent.

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