Best On Hold Messages

Best On Hold Messages

Phone phobia

You get to hear an awful lot of rubbish on the telephone. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t believe I’m paranoid, but always there’s a moment of apprehension when I see a call from an unknown number.

I usually just hit the red button to cancel. If the call is legitimate, I can decide after they send a text.

However, you can’t always escape the junk. At times, you risk hitting the green button to answer the call. Then you’re greeted by a recording. Usually, it’s a thickly accented voice, probably from the sub-continent or a “boiler-room” in Melbourne.

The recorded voice might advise you about your Nigerian inheritance. Or perhaps you are getting a visit from the police because of unpaid tax.

It could be worse. Obediently you “hold the line” while they find someone to take down your bank details. Meanwhile you have to suffer what can only be described as not the Best On Hold Messages.


Lift your game scammers

If a scammer bothers to invest in the call list, rent the office space and hire the telesales people, why blow it by having crappy pre-recorded Onhold messages?

The mere fact someone has bothered to respond to the call should be reason for celebration. Keep in mind these phone scams are a number’s game. Out of 1,000 calls the response might be less than 0.01%.

If ever there was a need to reduce the number of callers who simply hang up when asked to wait on the line, these guys need to raise the bar. 


Reduce your hang ups

Perhaps every legitimate business should take a lesson from the scammers. At least as far as getting effective telephone Onhold programs.

Let’s face it. Companies invest a great deal of time and money to motivate people to make an enquiry. When it happens it’s important not to lose that contact. 

Make certain when a caller is waiting on the line, your telephone system plays the very Best On Hold Messages to keep them interested and entertained.

Media Group, the business audio specialists will reduce your caller hang ups with a tightly scripted, professionally voiced and expertly produced program of On Hold Music and Messages.

There’s no rocket science involved. It’s mainly understanding human behaviour. Discover the facts here

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