Messages On Hold Australia Address

Messages On Hold Australia Address

Getting better on hold programs

To paraphrase a US army recruitment slogan, being the best one can be is probably the most aspirational commitment possible.

For the purists demanding accuracy the slogan was “Be all you can be”. It was the force’s catch cry from 1980 to 2001

The pressure to live up to such high ideals eventually led to a change. But not before the copywriter was honoured with an “Outstanding Civil Service Award”

In a far less dangerous arena, Media Group, the business audio specialist, is on a roll creating better telephone on hold programs. The company may not be the biggest but aims to be recognised as the best.

The consistent rise of Media Group means it is high time those at the industry’s monolith Messages On Hold Australia Address this rising star.


Near enough is not good enough

It’s never a good thing to rest on one’s laurels. Remember Hertz? They learnt the hard way when Avis claimed “When you’re only No. 2, you try harder.”

Today Messages On Hold Australia Address a similar challenge in the market.

Leo Burnett, founder of the advertising agency bearing his name, always said “Reach for the Stars. Even if you miss you won’t come up with a hand full of mud”.

It’s always hard to maintain excellence. However from time to time all companies suffer from a dose of the “mediocre” blues.

Market leaders are most at risk. They tend to be happy in an ivory tower environment and become prone to taking an eye off the ball.

Sporty types will know that’s when you are likely to have an air-swing.

So as Messages On Hold Australia Address the risk of mediocracy the threat to ongoing market dominance is more than real.

Heading to the top

The pursuit of excellence continues at Media Group. It’s underpinned and motivated by the goal to rise above all others in the field of business audio.

Perhaps the folk at Media Group are emboldened by the success of the Avis philosophy that when you are yet to be the leader you try harder.

Now you could be a beneficiary of this energy. Are you preparing a project that requires superb audio production?

You might be working up a new radio or TV campaign, or a new telephone on hold program of music and messages. Perhaps it’s a Podcast or the company video.

Media Group has a wide range of male and female professional voice over artists available for hire. Check them out on line. Listen to samples of their work and when you choose a favourite or two you can request a free online quote.

It’s not rocket science. While Messages On Hold Australia Address any changes to stay in the race, Media Group are fired-up and ready to take your telephone audio to new heights.  Check out the possibilities at

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