On Hold Message Recording

On Hold Message Recording

A little magic on your business phone

We have all been there! Hanging in limbo at the end of a phone-line waiting to speak to a particular person or department.

It happens way too often. Silence is all you hear! You question have I been cut off? Do they not want my business? Maybe they can smell “coffee breath” through the line. The human brain will create all sorts of scenarios when left “unattended”.

The solution? On Hold Message Recording tailored to your needs.


Reduce callers hanging up

Your business telephone should not be dependent on a factory pre-set on-hold program of chimes. Yuk! These are worse than the dreaded silent treatment.

Just as “iffy” is the temptation to run a music streaming service. Spotify won’t warn your callers of offensive language or nasty lyric content.

Or you could risk breaking the law by running the local radio station or a CD. Or go legal but get saddled with annual fees to collection agencies like APRA/AMCOS.

To avoid having callers hang up instead of waiting on the line, a business needs an On Hold Message Recording program that is both entertaining and informative.


Keeping them happy in the queue

There’s always something interesting to say about your business.  Maybe a new service or product launch. A special promotion. A seasonal greeting or even a change of hours for the summer.

With an easily updated On Hold Message Recording, you can keep callers “in the loop”. Whether first-time callers or long-term loyal customers they will appreciate you demonstrating a real interest in their support.


Contact the business audio specialists

Media Group will produce and record to the highest quality a complete On Hold Message Recording for your company phone system.

The script will be written according to your instructions and information taken from your website. All you have to do is approve the wording.

A professional male or female voice over artist will record the script and this will be mixed with music to create a seamless audio experience for the listener.

You’ll get to choose the voice after hearing samples from the website. And you can select the music track from the Media Group library of Royalty Free Music.

Yes Royalty Free means no liability to cough-up fees every year!  


Start with a free sample

To get started Media Group will supply a free sample On Hold Message Recording. You’ll get to hear the quality and appreciate the professionalism of a Media Group production.

On the Media Group website head to the page titled “Phone Messages”. Click the button labelled “Free On Hold Message” and follow the prompts.

You’ll receive your free sample on-line in next to no time. You’ll also get a free on-line quote and the answer to any questions about On Hold Message Recording.

Get started now. Go to www.mediagroup.com.au

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