Call Waiting Messages

Call Waiting Messages


One of the best ways of losing a customer is to put their call on hold till eternity! Customers seeking a resolution for their problem are often upset about their issue, and to add to their agony, companies put their call on hold. It is indeed a risky affair as a company might lose their precious customer. We provide innovative solutions to avoid this situation, i.e., call waiting messages that will engage your customer while their call is put on hold.

Usually, companies play a set ringtone whenever they put a caller on hold. However, we provide the following options to our clients:

  • Customized Audio Files: We provide all our clients with audio files to play in place of the ring-back tone. Music will play in place of the standard ring tone whenever a customer is put on hold. You can either choose from the generic music options or get it customized per your specific needs. 
  • Customized call waiting messages: We also add call waiting messages whenever a customer is routed to the queue. We offer additional routing options through such messages, such as choosing to continue to hold or to be routed to another queue or allowing a customer to leave a voicemail. 

Customized call waiting messages will play at specified intervals while the call is diverted to the specific person or is in the queue. Such messages will include:

  • Current offers and special schemes, if any, 
  • Important helpful tips that a customer must know,
  • Their position in the queue or line,
  • Expected wait time. 

We also provide additional options in call waiting messages that include additional routing options for the customers. For instance, 

  • They can leave a voicemail, 
  • Continue to hold or route to another queue. 

While a caller is on hold, the call waiting message can repeat in a loop. 


The queue call back option is best when the callers are put on the waiting queue as there are no agents available to answer their call. A Queue Callback Message provides the following three options from which customers can select the option which suits them best:

  • Continue waiting in the queue, 
  • Leave a voice mail or 
  • Request a callback, 

Why choose us?

Media Group provides customized call waiting messages that are industry-specific. We have a diverse clientele from across sectors throughout Australia. 

Please connect without the team to get the best quote per your specific requirements. For more details, please visit our website " drop a mail. 


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