Free Hold Music For Phone Systems

Free Hold Music For Phone Systems

Telephone freebies

In life, there is no such thing as a free ride. Most can vouch for the accuracy of that adage despite the abundance of items often described as free.

TV ads are full of free offers. But the problem remains you still have to spend your hard-earned money to qualify for the so-called free offer.

Often the free offer delivers an exact replica of the item included with the original purchase. You probably didn’t want the first freebie, now you’ve got two.

Usually, the voice over on the TV commercial will suggest a solution. He or she will tell you to give one to your Mum or the neighbour next door. Then at least somebody will be getting something for nothing.


Take it easy

An Australian Prime Minister once told the nation “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”. Hardly creditable coming from a wealthy grazier with a penchant for collecting Alfa Romeos, but Malcolm Fraser was for ever ready with free advice.

In fact the former PM would have been right at home on todays’ free to air television. It seems there is no end to the number of “experts” at the ready with free advice on any subject.

Mostly the free advice is not worth the trouble of switching on the TV. Usually the advisors are more interested in the sound of their own voice than in the accuracy of the advice they provide.

It’s a bit like Free Hold Music For Phone Systems. If you have ever been stuck on-hold and forced to listen to those agonising music chimes you will appreciate why they come built- in to the system.

Let’s face it, no-one would consciously inflict that sort of torture on their worst enemy let alone have it lumped onto both existing clients and potential new business as well as other callers.


One sure solution

Of course there is one sure way to get Free Hold Music For Phone Systems, but it requires breaking the laws of copyright. It’s called stealing.

So what is the best, and licit solution? The answer rests with Media Group, the business audio specialists.

When Media Group produce On Hold Music and Messages for your telephones the program will include music chosen from their vast libraries of Royalty Free Music.

Make life a little easier for those customers and callers you need to place on hold. Plus keep everything legal.

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